“Staples of Success”

Staples of Success are benchmarks that barometer your personal level of success, and how you relate it to the world around you. Regardless of what these benchmarks may be, they don’t necessarily make you a good or bad person. Remember, it’s wrong to pass judgement on one another, however; these benchmarks help us to understand ourselves. Identifying your benchmarks will teach you how to gear your livelihood, and goals toward staples that will make you feel successful. That being said, what are your Staples of Success?

Staples can either be tangible or intangible, and societal or intrinsically centered. Tangible being things that you can touch, and intangible being things you cannot touch. Likewise, society being cultural based, and intrinsic being soul based.

An example of a tangible, societal centered staple is a Mercedes Benz. If you own a Mercedes, then society will assume you’re successful, and this societal approval is what drives the “success feeling”.

The same can be said for an intangible, societal centered staple, such as: “fighting hunger”. The choice is intangible, yet the driving force behind you fighting is societal approval. Society holds this issue in high regards and you do too, because society taught you too.

But what about the intrinsic “success feeling”?

This too can exist in the same intangible issue of “fighting hunger”. Intrinsic is more spiritual, and predicates itself heavily on self approval.  Whatever drives your success is found in you. This can be everything from the Holy Spirit to a strong sense of pride. The only thing is that it must solely be influenced from what’s inside.

The final piece of the “Staples of Success” lies in the execution of the staple, and how that matters to each individual. Are you more about the results, or the effort. A result individual bases the success of his staple on the progression of the results. On the other hand, an effort individual bases his success off of maxing their current potential.

It is important to ask yourself, “What do I consider my staples of success”? Do they line up with your personality? If they do, then it’s important to set up goals or benchmarks to reach. Then create a system to logically work towards them. I can guarantee you will begin to have the “success feeling”, while achieving genuine success during the journey.

Happy Stapling! 


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