“The Cage of Mirrors”

“The Cage of Mirrors”.

The Cage of Mirrors is a disease that affects many people. Most people aren’t even aware they suffer from this. Blinded by selfishness, the cage of mirrors is a “me first” and “everything else second” mindset.

This disrupts the natural order of life. That order being, God first, Family second, then you. An order which is essential to the stability of nature.


As humans we are flawed and are susceptible to failure. In our families we are greater in number. When geared toward the same goal, families are far less susceptible to failure than individuals. When the individual puts the family first, and the family puts God first, then failure is impossible. God, or the creator is without flaw. Hence, the importance of natural order.

Look into your own soul, and see where your priorities lay. Are you living in a cage of mirrors? If so, then use humility to escape from this narcissitic disease. Evaluate the order of your life. Goodday.


One thought on ““The Cage of Mirrors””

  1. Cage of Mirrors…awesome essay. Would love to share with clients…do I have permission to share? Will review more…thanks for the challenging God centered writings! May you continue to prosper at all you put your hands to in the Lord’s name…according to his Word. Mom

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