The Power Of Falling Down

Can you see him? Lying on the floor stricken by the weight of life. Close to quitting. Tired of yelling. Frustrated with unanswered prayers for respite. Attacked on all sides, a spiritual blitzkrieg. Negativity surrounding him. In his co-workers. In his family. In his friends. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to escape. Suffocated by the pillow of isolation. In a vegetable state without life support. Angry at God. Where are YOU! Deliver me!

Sounds familiar?

I’ve been this man. Maybe even you have been this man?

He doesn’t realize it, but he is close to his breakthrough. Many times we seek out deliverance, when God has already delivered us. Many times we pray and our prayer has already been answered. This deliverance is in our sovereign will, or our ability to make choices. Will you thank God even through the rough patches?

Life is a proving ground. When faced with adversity what will you choose?

The easy way is giving in to our flesh and quitting, which is typically when we are closest to overcoming our mountain. Many don’t realize this due to a lack of perspective.

Is the glass half empty or half full? Perspective…

Have you fallen down under the weight of life? I have.

I urge you to not quit. You are millimeters away from breakthrough. Continue to thank God. Continue to see your glass as “half full”.

Get back up. Keep the faith. Keep running. Life is a marathon where the only person you’re racing is yourself.


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