“Words Connected To Our Heart”

Over time the overall value of words has greatly diminished. Slander has become acceptable, and negativity, all too common. Why have we lost touch with the power of our words? The answer can be found in our hearts.

What are words that are connected to our heart?

The first word out of your mouth when you face adversity comes from the heart. Positive or negative, the word you speak is a representation of your heart’s fruit.

What’s the quality of your fruit? Is it fresh and ripe, or is it rotten and unsavory?

Will what you say inspire others, or will your words carry rattlesnake venom?

You are in control. Nobody can force the words you utter, therefore; in the midst of adversity and high emotion our heart truly speaks.

How we got here is no mystery. As our moral standards decrease, so does the bar of self-expectation and self-respect.  Within the last 50 years of American history, moral expectations have drastically decreased. We’ve gotten away from our seven traditional virtues:  chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness and humility.

When we lose sight of these virtues, we lose touch with our foundation. Pay close attention to your responses.  When “under fire” think of these virtues before you react or speak. If you change your behavior, then your heart and attitude will follow.  

Our words are connected to our heart. Let’s be sure the fruit is fresh!


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