The Daily Powder Keg Presents: “A Sunday Conversation”



Last week I had a tough time giving tithes. You know, ten percent out of your week’s gross income. Typically, am disciplined about tithing. It was something my mother instilled in me as a young boy.

“You never rob God”, she’d say.  

After all those years of tithing lectures, I still have times where it is difficult and I miss.

How many of you know, it’s a challenge to put that ten percent in the collection plate sometimes?

Then in the midst of my self-pity, I had an epiphany. “I’m being selfish”

The church will only go as far as the saints will let it. It is through the saints that God moves and does miracles. There’s nothing to take from the storehouse if people don’t put anything into the storehouse. I mean, that’s common sense right?

There are widows counting on the storehouse. The sick are counting on it. The poor are counting on it. The single mothers are counting on it. The homeless are counting on it. The physically disabled are counting on it. The family that has to choose between having heat and having food are counting on the storehouse.

So what, I’ll be short on cash this week? I know where my next meal is coming from. I know I have steady income. How could I be so selfish?

Sunday passed. Monday passed. Tuesday passed, and it got to the point where God’s conviction became unbearable. It felt like I was carrying a Sumo-Wrestler on my shoulders for three days.

Wednesday came. The first thing I did was take my tithe money out the bank. There wasn’t a “snowballs chance in a blast furnace” of me ducking tithe. It was time to evict this Yokozuna sized conviction!

Tithing can be a challenge. It takes discipline. Once you create a habit of tithing it will become easier. Try making your tithe the first withdraw made on payday. This will help relieve some anxiety you may face.

Tithing also takes faith. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word:

Hebrews 6:10 “God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.”

There are many scriptures about tithing and charity. Search for these and see what God promises the cheerful giver. Build your faith by reading the Bible.

Samuel Prince


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