Curiosity Kills the Cat

Since the beginning of time there has been curiosity. It is the search of knowledge and understanding. Curiosity is the driving force behind innovation. Curiosity questions all things, defying the limits placed on our mind.

Curiosity has allowed us to fly higher than the birds. It has enabled us to live with the fish. Illnesses are treatable and in many cases, preventable. Curiosity built the pyramids. Curiosity abolished American chattel slavery. Curiosity parted the Red Sea and walked on water. Curiosity has outlawed GMO’s in 50 countries. Curiosity promotes competitive markets and true capitalism. Curiosity is a checks and balance. Curiosity is the burning bush. Darkness is to the absence of light, as stagnant is to the absence of curiosity.

You’ll often hear people tell children, “Curiosity kills the cat”. From a young age curiosity is psychologically attacked. However, if it is true that curiosity kills the cat, then I suppose it’s good that cats have nine lives.

Curiosity itself is a gift from Elohim. Don’t allow it to be quenched. 


by Samuel Prince


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