The Perfect Storm…Man Made or Not?

Sandy, a tropical storm turned hurricane has already ravaged through the West Indies. Sandy now turns her attention towards the northeastern region of America. Here is where she will meet up with two other weather patterns, earning her the title of “Frankenstorm” (in lieu of the upcoming holiday). Question is who is the cause of Frankenstorm, God or man?

The average John Doe would call that statement blasphemous. Then again, the average John Doe has never heard of Ben Livingston. Livingston, a formal naval physicist researched weather modification. Unclassified files conclude that weather modification has been active since the 1960s, prioritized by the American government.

Livingston, the director of “Project Storm Fury” has flown in over 265 weather modification missions. He ascertains that weather can be minimized, maximized and created through modification techniques. In 1966 during the Vietnam War he was assigned to a fighter squadron. Their purpose; create adverse weather to slow down the enemy.

If all of this is true, then there should be some obvious questions. Why Katrina? Why Sandy? If the science is available to diminish the severity, then why wasn’t it used? Livingston believes Katrina was not diminished due to political interest. Whether you agree or not, the fact remains that weather modification was possible during Katrina, and is possible during Sandy.

So ask yourself, were these hurricanes man made or not?

by Samuel Prince


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