Hurricane Sandy, Please Cast Your Ballot

Hurricane Sandy, Please Cast your Ballot

Hell hath no fury like Mother Earth. The power grid has fallen. Neighborhoods have become glorified bonfires. Sea level has reached door level. East coast and surrounding cities are under siege by an enemy they cannot fight. Hollywood could not have written this. The “Domino Effect” of Frankenstorm has only just begun.

This is a defining moment in the presidency of Barack Obama. People will remember him for how he handles this tragedy. With one week left in his term, Barack Obama has his work cut out for him. Play the right cards, and Obama will appear as a savior. Play the wrong cards, and this will be Obama’s last term. Isn’t it ironic that as Romney began to surge in the polls, Obama was given another chance to prove himself by these untimely and unfortunate events? It should come to no surprise that Obama ceased campaigning.

The entire equation of this election has changed. One variable is polling availability. Due to the wreckage caused by Frankenstorm, polling venues will have to change. No big deal, right?


Will a family in rural areas opt out of voting if they have to travel an extra 25 to 50 miles? Will the person in the inner city without a car find a way across town to vote? Do they have the willingness and ability to use public transportation? How will the transportation departments deal with overflow due to polling changes? This may not be an issue in Syracuse, NY, but what about New York City? Will they have to turn people away? What if subways and bus stations are still flooded or damaged? Then what?

How about we change the day of the election? Not possible. Federal elections cannot be cancelled or postponed.

So what’s next? Nobody knows. This is the Domino Effect.


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