Forced Abortion. Is This Overstepping?

As a child my peers would tell heinous jokes. Most children don’t understand the magnitude of what they’re saying.

“It would be better if you weren’t allowed to be born”!

I never thought I’d see the day where that statement would have validity. Not in America. Unfortunately for Ms. Bauer, her child may face this reality.

Elisa Bauer is a woman like most. She desires the natural use of her body (to give birth). The only difference is that Ms. Bauer suffers from a mental disorder, one which threatens her desires.

Ms. Bauer suffers from epilepsy as a result of fetal alcohol syndrome. This disorder has limited her to the social capacity of a young child. Now 32, Bauer remains under the guardianship of her adopters, whom were given legal authority as the final voice in health and welfare matters. Well, that was the case until the Washoe County Social Services “caught wind” of her pregnancy. WCSS then reached out to the court petitioning them to intervene, overriding the guardians’ rights as the final voice.

As of now there is no final decision on the matter; however, how this is handled will set a precedent for all like cases.

Abortion has become normalcy. Unfortunately, we forget that this is also a form of trauma. If Ms. Bauer is forced to have an abortion, she’ll be scarred for the rest of her life. Oh America, how far will you fall?

I believe this is overstepping, do you?


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