Food for Thought: UN Recognizes Palestine as a State

What does Palestine being recognized as a state by the UN mean?

Israel can be held liable for their military actions against Palestine.

Understand, this sets up a serious conflict as Israel maintains the economic and geographic advantage.

Let’s explain it this way. There is an older brother, a younger brother and a mother.

The older brother is Israel, whom has the absolute advantage. The younger brother is Palestine. The mother is the UN.

The older and younger brother fight over who had a toy first. Mother tells them to stop fighting, which they obey until mother turns her back.

Boys continue fighting over the toy and mother catches them. Mother takes toy away and confines boys to separate areas which mother defines.

Don’t mark my words, but if I were to make a hypothesis, I’d suggest we are going to eventually see UN peacekeepers in that area. They would take sovereignty and we would see similar UN behavior as we saw in Rwanda.

That’s just a little food for thought.


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