Common Misdirection, Gun Control

I truly believe everyone can see the whole picture. The issue is most are just too easily distracted.

All you have to do is force emphasis on problem B and people will disregard problem A. Problem B is the distraction. Problem A is the endgame. The best con artist will even make problem B influence problem A.

Let’s take a look at an example.

Problem A: More strict gun control
Problem B: Personal safety
Influencer: Violent crimes

A clear objective of the Obama administration is more strick gun control, regardless of what the constitutional amendments teach. They make the claim that more strict gun laws will increase personal safety, lowering the number of violent crimes committed. After every gun related crime, media and politicians vehemently promote gun control.

Obviously, the endgame is prohibition or re-defining the second amendment. On the surface level, more strick gun control sounds good. Less guns mean less violent crime, right?

Obtaining guns legally is already a rigorous process. In New York state(where I live), there is a 16 page application( extensive background check, documents, etc…) to obtain handguns. In New York city, they’re outlawed period.

With applications that extensive, there shouldn’t be any criminals or questionable people able to attain licensing. Right? So ask yourself, who are more strick gun laws regulating? Citizens or criminals?

Of course citizens. Owning a gun legally is the last thing a criminal considers. It doesn’t matter. On the contrary, owning a gun legally to protect ourselves and our family is at the core of American values. If it wasn’t, then why was it included in the Bill of Rights?

Here we see a simple misdirection of the problem. Violent crime is used to influence the eradication of our second amendment. Instead of promoting personal safety and awareness we focus on violent crimes, therefore; using fear to promote an unarming agenda. Fear has taken the place of education, a commonly used misdirection.

By Samuel Prince


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