Greed: The American Dream

Believe it or not most Americans are living the “American Dream”.  We are told the “American Dream” is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Truth is, the American Dream is and has always been greed.

There are two defining factors that characterize greed. The first is that an entity will use any means, regardless of morality to ascertain more “assets” (money, power, etc…). The second is that an entity will use any means to maintain “assets”, regardless of those whom suffer as a result of this.

Government has set the greed precedent as our fore-father. Don’t take my work for it though. Simply, do the research yourself. Manifest Destiny, the indigenous Indians whom are victims of genocide and displacement, American Chattel Slavery, Fracking, Wall Street, War on “Terror”, Military Drones & DARPA, and chemical trails. These are just a portion of government actions manifest from the root of greed.

Look at society. From the time we are children, society teaches us the validity of our lives are based on its view of success. If pop culture is a reticle into the logic of society, then we can infer that success and lack thereof are byproducts of each individual’s level of greed. It’s a race to see who can amass the most fortune, fame, and influence in a lifetime. None of these things can come with us when we die, yet we value them most.

Face it, greed is the lifeblood that flows through America’s veins. We speak greed better than we speak English, yet are astonished at the moral issues we currently face. But reader you have a choice. You can choose to reject the “American Dream” and create a dream of your own. Live outside of the rubric prison. Invest in love. Always give from the heart. Dream a dream like none that has ever been dreamt, and bring it to life. BRING IT TO LIFE! As the late Langston Hughes once said, “What happens to a dream deferred”?

By Samuel Prince

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