Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (Poetry)

Wounds are real. Scars we bandage, yet never heal. There are some bruises you cannot hide. There are some mountains you have no choice but to climb. Facebook is the great connector, past to the present. But everything from your past is not so benevolent. The things in your past that hurt and cause fear; you cannot run, you must draw near. See, the monster may be big and the task be daunting, but it is better to die than to live a life haunting. And at the end of the battle the monster may have won. Let’s face it, we cannot hide the past, it must go on. But the purpose of this battle is not to live. Our pain must die, and our soul must forgive. What happened in the past is set in stone, but what happens in the future is your choice, and yours alone. 


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