Courage to be a Christian

Somewhere along the line Christianity lost its backbone. Christianity lost its voice. The Christian point of view is seen as archaic and outdated in the modern day mainstream school of thought. As Christians we are told to accept everyone’s point of view, yet keep ours within the confines of the church. It’s not kosher to wear our Christianity in plain view, however; that which is in the public eye is distorted. Christian holidays have become a commercial free for all, where selfishness is the priority. Pop culture glorifies degenerate behavior while wearing a cross. Christianity is not only misrepresented, but it has become the laughing stock of American culture. Where has the pride gone?

Pride takes courage. To have pride as a Christian means to be accountable. It means we are accountable to one another and to God’s Word. Christianity does not require being perfect, yet it accomplishes perfection through renewing yourself each day, and accepting Christ as your savior. It does not allow itself to be misrepresented. It does not allow the birth, death and resurrection of its savior to become money-centered, instead of God-centered. It does not settle with lying. Abortion is not an option. All forms of fornication are unacceptable. It is a GOOD thing to be married. It does no deals, side deals, negotiations or reaches terms with any forms of evil. It does not sugarcoat what is right or wrong. To be Christian means to love and understand, but never compromise. God loves all, but will never compromise himself. He is black and white. No grey.

To many this sounds stiff. They feel God is rigid. Some make excuses. I simply believe most people don’t understand God or what it means to be Christian.

In Matthew 7:14 Jesus said, “Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it”.

Have the courage to take the narrow path. Be accountable to the Word of God. Being a Christian takes courage. I challenge you to be Christian not only in name, but in heart. Let’s walk this narrow path together.


2 thoughts on “Courage to be a Christian”

  1. I think it takes courage to do what is right but I don’t think you will necessarily find what is right in religion be it Christian, Judaism or Muslim. They ALL say they know the workd of their god. And thats just three religions, there are hundreds of views. I just don’t see it. I am an empiricist. Gary from Hegedorns

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