Donald Sterling, CEO under fire…

My opinion on the Donald Sterling incident…

If you took a recorder and left it in anybody’s home, listening to their most intimate conversation, I can pretty much guarantee you’re going to come across a statement or opinion that seems racist, sexist, insensitive, homophobic, or can be twisted to fit a particular bias. The people and organizations whom are calling for his head, like the NAACP, are throwing stones in a glass house. That being said, his comments were undoubtedly racist. Should he be punished for that? HIs comments? Should he, while Wal-Mart and Nike profit off of Chinese slave labor? Should he, while the government continues to allow the heavy flow of narcotics and firearms through our borders? You know, where drugs and narcotics are hand delivered to the heart of the inner city, allowing low-income and misguided people an escape from man-made stress, killing themselves through violence, and self-medication? No, people will continue to shop at Wal-Mart and buy Nikes regardless of the slave labor. Was Donald Sterling wrong? Yes! But the Donald Sterling backlash is the product of a society who throws stones from a glass house, a society that can criticize but not measure the content of their own heart. We will remove Donald Sterling thinking we have achieved a victory over oppression, most never realizing that our very way of life, promoting consumerism and convenience, is a source of oppression for people worldwide. Enjoy the witch hunt. 


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