The Silent Thank You (Memorial Day Poem)

Gazing to the Heavens on the barren ground of Yorktown,

Shallow gasps grasping onto oxygen,

Gurgling blood,

Detached from reality, all is now distant,

Bombs bursting on the horizon,

Fragments exploding rupturing silence,  

Brothers hovering over you,

Death in their eyes,

The feel of a light pressure on your chest,

“Never leave a Brother behind”.


It wasn’t supposed to be like this,

We were meant to grow old together,

Reminisce on the glory days,

Battles won and victory parades,

Returning home an end to this gory phase,

Walk my daughter down the aisle,

What I would give for a last embrace,

To kiss her forehead, see her face,

“Stay with us”.


I can barely hear them,

Blackness suffocating senses,

This stillness is deafening,

My body, cold,

I don’t want to die alone.  

Was my sacrifice in vain?

Do they remember me back home?


I dedicate this poem to the soldiers who have died on the battlefield, whom at the moment where they gave their greatest gift, felt alone. You are not forgotten. Your sacrifice was not in vain. From our heart to yours, Thank you. Happy Memorial Day.

– Sam Prince






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