BFM, A Most Unusual Love Poem by Sam Prince

Everything we love, we must physically let go of at some point.
Sometimes for the best our fellowship must be laid to rest.

It’s like that with me and you.
A dream come true…and then it withers and dies.
When God gives you something rare and you have to watch it walk away
with tears in your eyes.

Truthfully, I let sin poison the bond between you, me and God.
Dorothy, click you red heels and get us out of OZ.
Take me back to before lust and operating outside of God’s will,
Eroding trust.

What satiated the fleshly desires intrinsically destroyed us.
As our physical connection intensified, spiritually we were worlds
Even in our embrace it felt like you weren’t there.

At first I thought the problem was you.
Then I realized I made a deal with the Devil.
“Compromise your belief, and you’ll never be alone when you sleep.”

Yeah, I took it.
That was the coward’s way out.
God says “Honor her with a ring” while the devil whispers “Keep it a

See, I’ve come to understand that everything is a fling without the
God can’t bless a part-time thing.

See, I was yours and you were mines.
But we weren’t God’s.
So it was only a matter of time.

I gave you the best love the world had to offer.
I bought you things.
I took you places.
I held you when you cried,
But most importantly I lead us to the gates of Hell, invitation in

And in my first act of showing you true love,
God’s love,
Without manipulation, adulteration, or mixed signals.
I watch you walk away into His arms as my flesh yearns to cry out to
I see you and don’t look your way, even though I miss your smile,
because I know.
I know you need time with God and so do I.

The memories of our worldly love must fade to black.
I leave you in God’s most gentle capable hands.



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