Foul Insomnia-Poetry

And now as I lay me down to sleep,

A foul stench I came to meet.


Like onions to the eyes tears rolled down my cheeks,

Jaw locked tight,

A grit though the teeth.


Nestled in the covers my mind began to think

Who, What, When Where, Why, How did this happen to me?


So I rolled out the bed and dropped to a knee,

I looked to the heavens as I was in need,

Lord if you’re there, open up and speak,

My heart is ready, please begin to teach.

What the Lord said was short and bittersweet,

“As you sow, in like you shall reap”


To understand the moral you don’t have to be keen, because the conscience knows no rest when you defecate where you sleep.


by S.P.





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