Solutions to Terrorism

by Sam Prince

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It hurts when something is snatched away, when something we love is mercilessly ripped out of our hands. We weren’t prepared, but how could we possibly prepare? Regrets replay in your mind like a bad movie. The harder we fight to forget, the more we remember. And then there are the questions, the depression, the doubt, a duration where the silver-linings are faded.

The evil in this world is always lurking, seeking out the innocence it can devour. It relentlessly attacks hope to create indifference, eventually paralyzing its victims with fear. Its goal to poison the soul, evil slithers in the grass waiting to strike.

Last week it reared its ugly head, its venom striking a dissonant cord in worldwide harmony. Beirut and France are in dismay, reeling from their tragic losses, as terrorism continues to victimize the entire world.

What are our options? How do we respond to terrorism as a worldwide community? This is not an easy answer.

Charles P. Pierce of Esquire shares his thoughts in There Is Only One Way to Defeat ISIS, where he believes pressure should be applied to Middle Eastern “allies.” According to Pierce, cutting off terrorist from their funding is likely to quell their operations. Pierce’s economic approach attempts to get to the root cause, as oppose to simply applying a Band-Aid to the problem of terrorism. His premise is a valiant and progressive effort to give actionable solutions to terrorism, which is more than can be said about many other articles. There is Only One Way to Defeat ISIS is worth the read.

France has already responded this week by bombing ISIS targets in Syria. Once again violence has begot violence. Is that not the goal of ISIS though? Terrorist aren’t hoping for there to be an end to the fighting, they want it to continue. Maybe bombing ISIS is actually playing into their hands.

Proverbs 26:4 (yes I am quoting the Bible) says, “Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.” In short Solomon is telling us that if we respond to a fool in the same manner that he has done to us, then we are like him. In other words, if we bomb the terrorist back for bombing us, then we are sinking to their level, making us just like them.

So, are we supposed to do nothing? No, I don’t think that doing nothing sends the right message; however, responding with bombing isn’t going to work either (It hasn’t worked yet, has it?). Right now we are in a vicious cycle, reacting in like to the behavior of sadistic radicals. Until we find an adequate response that doesn’t involve violence, then terrorism will continue to prevail, and yes terrorism is currently prevailing. How do you fight an enemy that is invisible until they attack? I believe the answer first lies in us raising our level of consciousness, refusing to respond in like to the terrorist, finding another way to stand firm. I’m not encouraging Stockholm’s Syndrome, but maybe it is time we try to find a way to love those who hate us. That’s an attack that ISIS wouldn’t expect at all.


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