Say No To STATE Controlled Marriage

By Sam Prince @PhiSammaJamma


To an extent we’re incessantly boring, trading free thought for dogmatic principles, building the foundation of our lives on skewed traditional ideals. Marriage is one of these ideals. It’s obsolete and outdated. By clinging to traditional principles we have staunched our growth as a community, and the numbers agree. Marriage is in dire need of reform.


According to the Center for Disease Control, per every 1000 Americans there are 6.8 marriages, and 3.6 divorces. That means that over half of marriages end in divorce.


But that reform is not going to come from Big Brother, at least not reform that will actually improve marriage.


Here’s the problem with the current system of marriage (Christianity is the only point of view I can speak from). Marriage was originally an agreement that involved woman, man and God. As society continued to develop, clans grew into villages, villages into cities, and then the many cities became a country and so on. With this progression the state came in existence as an entity to protect and serve the people.


Still Following?


Now there are four entities involved in marriage: man, woman, God and STATE. That’s a lot of hands in the pot, and parties that have a vested interest in your marriage. That’s not necessarily an issue in countries where the Church and the State are combined. In those countries God governs the State, and the State governs the people. In America Church and State are not combined. You can thank Patrick Henry, James Madison, and Thomas Jefferson for that.


And thank them we should. They successfully managed to separate the Church and the State. Now it is time to separate Marriage and State, and we’ll accomplish this though the use of contracts.


Yes, no more marriage licenses that chain you to the prison that is the state. Why should they have any say in your marriage? When you get a marriage license you’re bound to the government’s rules, but if you create a contract then you create the rules within the contract.


You can still say “I do.” Go to your church, mosque, synagogue, or whatever place of worship you prefer, and have the marriage ceremony of your dreams, just don’t get a marriage license.


Fall in love. Find a lawyer. Draw up a contract agreement. Sign it. That’s all you need.


God will recognize your marriage, regardless of whether the government does, and in the end that’s all that matters right?




One thought on “Say No To STATE Controlled Marriage”

  1. Reblogged this on Na'lij and commented:
    If he vows to God that he will be my protector and i forever his rib then that is enough for me to say ‘Yes’ forever..

    Or have we come to the point that we are more concerned with the wedding planning details and the “what will i get when/if we divorce”.

    Do you want to get married or do you want a wedding?

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