NBA Recap: The End of Lob City

by Sam Prince @phisammajamma

I would like to issue a formal apology to Jamal Crawford. Jamal, you have been in trade rumors around NBA for the last couple of years. We thought you needed to be traded in order for the Clippers to get better. Don’t get us wrong Jamal, your Clippers do need a trade to get better, but you aren’t on the block anymore.

Enter Mr. Kia Motors, Blake Griffin. Blake got into a bit of trouble this week. I won’t rehash it, but he’ll be out for a while (If you want to know what happened click here). Here’s a hint: What did the five fingers say to the face?

Blake’s latest incident of immaturity solidifies it for me. It’s time to break up “Lob City.” Sell Blake high. I’m not sure his game will ever reach its full potential. At this point, Blake who has been in the league since 2009 should have developed a level of competent leadership. Instead, his talent far exceeds his maturity, and it’s hurting him.

Don’t allow your talent to take you where your character can’t keep you. –Eric Thomas, Motivational Speaker

You can’t trade Chris Paul, because Paul is an extension of Coach Doc Rivers and is the Clipper’s lifeblood. You just resigned Deandre Jordan, which is a huge investment, so you’re not going to trade him either.

That leaves us with Blake Griffin, and I would send him to the Eastern Conference on the fastest thing smoking. I think the East as oppose to the west has the most pieces to offer. They definitely need shooting. Here are some trade ideas:

Atlanta: Korver and Teague

Chicago: Gibson, Mirotic/Snell/McDermott

Orlando: Vucevic, Harris/Hezonja

Toronto: Derozan

Miami: Whiteside +1

Milwaukee: Middleton +1

Detroit: Jennings +1


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