The New Robber Baron: America’s Bottom 1%

by Sam Prince follow me @PhiSammaJamma

Thank you to John Neri for the conversation that inspired this piece.

Platoon. The Lone Survivor. Saving Private Ryan. Who doesn’t love a good war movie? War is intriguing to say the least. It separates the men from the boys, the fearless from the cowards. A recent movie that stands apart is “American Sniper.” In “American Sniper” we follow award-winning actor Bradley Cooper (who plays Chris Kyle) as he goes from rodeo performer to hard-edged war hero.


In a marquee and foreshadowing scene, the childhood Chris Kyle is awaiting impending discipline from his father for getting into a fight earlier that day.


See the scene here.


There are no shortages of wolves. Every time you step out of your home, there is a wolf after you, many petitioning you for your dollar. Maybe there is even a wolf living with you in your home. There are always and will always be wolves looking to take advantage of you.


Let’s look at advertisements for example. Many people don’t find anything wrong with advertisements, even though most people are aware of their manipulative nature, attempting to ascertain their patronage. Advertisements do something very intriguing. They tell you what you can have.


I imagine a conversation between their advertisement team goes something like this:


Well Paul, we’re just not selling enough Dodge trucks. Much of our base consists of conservative rural farmers and blue-collar workers. Why don’t we take out an ad during the Superbowl showing farmers using Dodge trucks around the farm, and put some sappy music and a tear-jerking monologue behind it? I think that would definitely bolster sales for our new Dodge (insert name here). And that is exactly what Dodge did in 2013. CLICK HERE to see the ad.


Dodge and many other corporations are telling you what you can have. I think most rational people would agree with this. The problem with is that when people tell you what you CAN have, that is another way of telling you what you DON’T have.


This creates a false feeling within you, creating a hole where there wasn’t one. As a result, people are made to think that if they buy said product, then that product will fill the hole that they feel, the hole that was created by said corporation. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts, and is the nature of the wolf that is corporations.


Often when we think of wolves, we think of corporations and the wealthy one percent. You know, the men who are keeping us down. They are definitely wolves, but what many Americans fail to realize is that the bottom one percent mirrors the top one percent.


Yes, the bottom one percent is chock full of wolves. Who are in the bottom one percent? Those who are on public assistance and cheat the system are the bottom. Those who scrape by on your confiscated dollar “just because” are wolves. This is not a “white” or “black” issue. Wolves are of all colors, creeds, religions, shapes and sizes.


I’m not talking about people who are working or in between jobs, and need assistance to get by. I am talking about those who rob the middle-class with NO REMORSE. WATCH THIS!

My fellow hardworking citizens, we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. If we are to correct our country, saving it from corporate greed and entitlement, it is an imperative that we go from sheep to sheepdogs. I don’t know how we do that yet, but together we’ll find a way.


“My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” –JFK


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