POTUS Race 2016 Breakdown: Can you feel the Bern?

by S.A. Prince

Up until this point I have yet to disclose any of my presidential opinions publically. But in lieu of the fact that we’re getting ever-so-close to selecting the presidential nominee, and with the new season of House of Cards less than a month away, I think it is more than appropriate to begin addressing America’s most important race.

I remember first seeing Bernie Sanders on Michael Moore’s Capitalism documentary. A then younger Sanders was a stalwart socialist, maybe even more so than he is now. In the documentary Moore was sure to utter the sentiments of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the New Deal President and the idealist behind the Second Bill of Rights. Both of those are incredibly socialist in their premise.

I’m not going to explain socialism in detail. For a detailed explanation of socialism, click here.

I don’t mind socialism though. Actually, I think I kind of like it and Bernie Sanders. He’s charismatic. I know that just made all of my conservative readers cringe. Can you feel the Bern?

It’s one thing to like socialism, but it’s another to believe socialism is an acceptable form of government. I love to see people parading around with their Bernie Sanders shirts, wearing socialist propaganda on their chest and back. They probably don’t know what they’re asking for, and it’s even worse if they do.

And I get it. Socialism sounds nice. Everybody gets a job, healthcare, and many other desired benefits from society. Socialism sells itself as a brotherhood, togetherness as one big giant family. That’s incredibly appealing. What’s there not to love about seeing your fellow countrymen never having to suffer?

Truth be told, America is already heavily socialist, much too socialist for me, and even much too socialist for many of Sanders’ supporters. You don’t have to look any further than your paycheck. Why don’t you whip that bad boy out and take a look at the other half of the perforated divide, the half most Americans just throw out? Do you see those deductions: Federal Income Tax, State Income Tax, Local Tax, and FICA? Those are all pretty socialist in nature, and I hear everybody complain about them, Sanders’ supporters included.

The problem with socialism is that it takes away a person’s right to choose. You don’t get to choose whether you want taxes and FICA taken out of your paycheck. It just happens. You don’t get to choose whether you want to give to welfare, or pay for abortions, or go to war, or to have money deducted from your check for whatever reason the government desires. No, you don’t have a choice. They just take.

But! Socialism does have a place in our society, just not as a governing body. Socialism also cannot be used to make any decisions for society as a whole, because it takes away people’s right of choice.

Neither can democracy be used to make decisions for society as a whole, but that’s a conversation for another article on another day. It is democracy that kept gays from being able to marry for so long. Democracy is majority-rule, binding the minority to what’s popular.

Socialism can be implemented on a smaller scale. Those who want everyone to be provided for can choose to form a collective. They can then choose to use their OWN resources to provide for those within their collective, and if they’re truly altruistic they can also choose to provide for those outside of their collective. I’d like to see how long they’d choose to remain socialist under such a system. I don’t know if you caught that, but the operative word here is “choose.” As a matter-of-fact, why don’t I go back and bold those words, so you don’t miss them.

While seemingly honorable, socialism takes away the individual’s ability to choose. It infringes on moral rights, and because of this Bernie Sanders is not an acceptable presidential nominee. Sorry Bernie. You really do seem like a great guy though.


  • I don’t have a political preference. I lean on the side of rationality and truth. I have a ton of conservative and liberal friends, and I respect them all. Their hearts are in the right place. Both want to see a prosperous America, and so do I.
  • Bernie Sanders would probably be a great president, because I think he cares about the “little guy.” That being said, it isn’t rational to have a president with socialist ideals. The government is already much too powerful. Many of the other popular presidential candidates aren’t acceptable either. Don’t think I’m just picking on Sanders. This is just his time under the spotlight.

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