Download My Second Short Story “Girlfriends”

by S.A. Prince @phisammajamma

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who checked out my first short story “Day of the Dead.” My friend and I approached this second short story with a bit of a twist, adding some competition and excitement to the creative process. Be sure to read the explanation on the title page. My short stories are a good break away from my in-your-face opinion pieces. I hope you enjoy “Girlfriends.” It is a relatively short read. I’m not interested in bogging down your day.

To all my male readers, feel free to enjoy, it’s pretty good, but you should definitely let your wife or girlfriend read it. They’ll probably enjoy it more. As always, if you like it feel free to share it wherever, and e-mail me at any time.

To download the PDF, click the below link and it should automatically start. Enjoy the ride.

girlfriends cover

Girlfriends Edit


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