An Honest Conversation About White Privilege

By S.A. Prince @PhiSammaJamma

Does White Privilege exist? Yes

That’s the obvious answer, right? But too often we look at “white supremacy” and its runoff effect of “white privilege,” judging it all behind that one answer, yes. The rabbit hole goes much deeper than that, and as an informed and conscious citizenry, it should be our goal to follow it like Alice.

The first thing that we need to understand is that white privilege is only one side of the coin. On the other side of the coin is minority privilege, or in my case black privilege. We cannot speak on one without speaking on the other.

Privilege is defined as “a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people.”

Let’s continue. White privilege is when white people have an advantage over other races. This is only amongst other white people, and is solely because they are white.

But white privilege is only a privilege for whites amongst whites, not for whites amongst blacks. If whites are amongst blacks who are in the majority or have the authority, white privilege does not apply.

Because whites are white, their white privilege cannot cross over into black privilege.

A white person cannot not have both white and black privilege, nor can a black person have both black and white privilege. I need to say that because there are mixed babies who look white and will have white privilege, and there are mixed babies who look black and won’t have white privilege. The opposite toned parent though, as a result of their color, will help the child receive the benefits of that race as long as that parent is around. Sorry, I didn’t make the rules. That’s just the way it is.

A white person cannot give a black person the benefits of white privilege, even if they create laws like Affirmative Action. That Affirmative Action exists proves this point. The exception proves the rule.

So, if white supremacy were not white supremacy, but black supremacy (meaning that blacks had an economic and political stranglehold on the country), then it is more than plausible that blacks would benefit as whites do now.

And is that not the goal of black separatist groups when you get to their root? They seek to create a social and economic market where blacks are supreme, allowing blacks to experience the benefits that whites now enjoy.

Continuing on, white privilege and black privilege are not chosen by the individual, but by the society as a whole. Privilege is the benefit that one gets from the group, but on the individual level the same benefit does not apply.

Let me explain. Because I am black, I can openly talk about sensitive race issues pretty much without fear of repercussion. And if you read my writing, I take clear advantage of that privilege. Now, if a white person took the same liberties that I do, they’d be immediately called a racist and seen as insensitive. In this age of political correctness they’d probably lose their job (Imagine if they wrote one of my pieces like “A World Without White People” or “Black People Are To Blame For Slavery”). But on the INDIVIDUAL level this is different. My white friends have the liberty to have an open discussion on race with me. As a matter of fact, we talk about race a lot, and I appreciate their ability to be open with me about their concerns.

This brings me to my second point. Whites and blacks are incredibly divided. Don’t let interracial relationships fool you (Check out my piece “White Women Are Taking Our Black Men!”). The “token black guy” joke is legitimate. One of the biggest reasons we don’t understand one another is because we just aren’t friends.

Black people are mainly concentrated in cities. If a white person doesn’t grow up in the city, then the chances of them meeting and becoming friends with a black person (or with multiple black people; again the “token black guy” joke) are greatly diminished.

I have a ton of white friends. Why? Because I went to a top 50 Catholic high school where I was one of two black males in my graduating class, five black people total. Having white friends was essential to my social development, and I’m glad I still know them to this day.

Through the workplace is another way blacks and whites meet, possibly developing a friendship. Now, the potential of this is greatly affected by the type of workplace. In low end jobs like fast food and retail, black and whites are less likely to meet. This is because people who work low end jobs typically work within their neighborhood. Don’t believe me? Next time you go to a fast food restaurant in the inner city, walk inside and see how many white people you see working there. Likewise, do the same when you go to a fast food restaurant in the suburbs. An exception to this would be fast food restaurants in a mall. These may be more mixed. Again, the exception proves the rule.

Whites and blacks who develop friendships in the workplace typically are employed by corporations. Small businesses are highly unlikely to have any diversity.

Out of my friends that are white, those that I didn’t go to school with, I most likely met through a job or an internship. The rest of my white friends were met through chance encounters.

Whites and blacks aren’t friends because we aren’t around each other, even though America is considered a “melting pot.” This brings me to my third point. Because blacks and whites are not connected for the most part, there is a divide between them. The divide between whites and blacks makes racial empathy difficult, as we are unable to relate to one another.

What does that mean?

What I’m telling you is that blacks and whites are socially conditioned (programmed) to have an opinion about the opposite race. This is due to the fact that we are not interpersonally connected.

So, whites are less likely to think that blacks are intelligent, and more likely to think that they are good singers and athletes. This is because everywhere a white person looks they see blacks as singers and athletes, instead of seeing black doctors and scientist. There are black scientists like Neil Degrasse Tyson, but you’re going to see Lebron James and Beyonce exponentially more.

Of course this only applies to the random and unknown black. If a white person has a relationship with a black person, they likely won’t see them this way. You can flip this with a white stereotype like “all white people are racist,” and find the same correlation.

Let’s get a little darker. There are whites thugs just like there are black thugs, but blacks and whites are more likely to relate drugs and thuggery to black people. When you hear the word “thug” it almost always is connected to a black person. This is due to social conditioning. When everywhere you look you see a black rapper glorifying thuggery, your subconscious creates an image relating the two. That’s why many whites see blacks as “thugs,” and why black boys want to emulate them and black girls want to be with them.

Again, both blacks and whites are affected by social conditioning. You can trade “thug” for “racist” and the same would apply to white people. They are seen as pious and insensitive by many blacks. As a result, liberal whites often try really hard to appease blacks and not look racist. Conservative whites typically go the opposite direction, not caring whether they look racist. Of course we’re talking generalities here.

Your next question should be, “Who is socially conditioning us?” That would be the media. CNN, MTV, BET, you name it. They are all socially conditioning us with an agenda in mind. What they understand is that they make more money by keeping us divided, and at odds with one another. As long as the media controls the narrative, we will always be at their disposal. They will continue to drive conflict because conflict drives profits.

For example: When you watch FOX news, you have to admit that the conservatives make some good points. The problem is that they never give any legitimacy to liberal arguments, which DO have some legitimacy. With FOX it is 100 to 0. Conservatives are always right, and liberals are completely wrong. There is no cognitive dissonance. This dogmatic stance is a brand, and it creates conflict which drives profit.

The only way to retake control of the narrative is to get out of your comfort zone, and make a conscious decision to mix it up with people of a different race.

This brings me to my final and most important point. Whether you benefit from white or “minority” privilege, the system’s end game is the same.

Sure, a white person may get an economic benefit from being white, but we are both subjugated by the same authority. At the end of the day, the authoritative decision makers in America could care less about whether you’re white or black. All that matters is that you aren’t them. Their decisions are about keeping power and making money. That requires conflict.

Thank your taking a trip down the rabbit hole with me. You may return to your regularly scheduled programming.


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