2016 Oscars: Chris Rock “Fights the Power”

by S.A. Prince Follow S.A. Prince on Twitter

“80% of success is just showing up.” – Woody Allen

On the Red Carpet at last night’s pre-Oscar show, Chris Rock was the name in everyone’s mouth. White, black, young and old, everyone was anticipating what the black comedian’s interpretation of the Oscar drama would be. Chris Rock did not disappoint.

Strutting out to Public Enemy’s Fight the Power, Chris Rock did not beat around the bush or tip toe around the obvious. He went right up to the elephant and pointed an ellipsoidal at it.

I’m not going to recap his performance. YouTube, as always, does an excellent job giving us visual recaps. If you want that go here: Chris Rock’s Night at the Oscars

What Chris Rock did last night took courage. How often do we fear confrontation, avoiding the necessary and inevitable? It’s easy to ignore the monster under the bed, as oppose to leaning over the side, look underneath the frame, and staring our fear right between the eyes. However, if we do face our fears, we often find out that they are a lot less scary than we thought.

My hope is that we all can have the courage to face the elephant in the room with excellence. If we could, we would have a much better quality of life. What if we could face issues on race, gun control, and poverty and crime, and do it with excellence and honesty? What if we made a point to criticize, not only our opponent but also ourselves? Like Chris Rock, and like many before him, I believe we can challenge the system while being self-aware of our own shortcomings and prejudices.


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