How Our Favorite Dems Ruined America

by S.A. Prince @_saprince

The last two Democratic presidents, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, are staunchly popular within America’s inner-cities. Eight years after his inauguration, Obama bumper stickers are still plastered to the back sides of vehicles. Their popularity is understandable. Obama and Clinton are personable public figures. They “seem” like nice people.

I say seem, because they in reality we don’t know these people personally AT ALL.

It’s polarizing to see Obama playing basketball, or listen to Clinton on the saxophone. The world’s best PR people make them common, disguising their power and paralleling them to the plebeian class.

Their disposition is an affront to mitigate rational objectivity when judging them. We WANT to like them. We NEED to trust them.

It is only when we take an objective and judging leer that we can begin a rational discourse on the government’s efficacy. We must look at the government, not only in one presidency but over multiple. When presidencies are looked at as a whole a pattern develops.

Let’s look at Clinton’s presidency.

The Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 was implemented during the Great Depression. It separated investment and commercial banking activities.

What does that mean, and why does it matter?

Large banks take on risky investments behind our back. These risky investments are in part what caused the Stock Market Crash of 1932. Risky investments are investments that have a high-level of speculation. The Glass-Steagall Act prevented these from occurring.

In 1999 Clinton signed Graham- Leach- Bliley Act which repealed part of the Glass-Stegall Act, the part that prevented these risky investments from occurring. Economists believe that this repeal caused the 2008 financial meltdown.

Don’t take my word for it though. Go to the credible sources below:

To watch more on the Glass-Steagall Act, CLICK HERE.

To read more about Clinton and his involvement with Glass-Steagall’s repeal, CLICK HERE.

Enter Obama and his inherited 2008 financial crisis,  emphasis on the “inherited.” It was Bush, and not Obama, who signed the Economic Emergency Stabilization Act into law in 2008, two months before Obama was even inaugurated.

Technically the economy crash and burned in Bush’s eight years in office, set up by Clinton’s deregulation, and hammered home in Obama’s tenure.

Hundreds of Billions of dollars, taxpayer dollars, were shelled-out under Obama’s bailing-out of Wall Street. Even though it was Bush who stabbed the American people, it was Obama and the bankers who stood by and watched us bleed out. ALL ARE GUILTY.

Again, I don’t ask that you believe me. Follow this link to the Rolling Stone’s article “Secrets and Lies of the Bailout.”

It doesn’t matter whether you liked Clinton, Bush, or Obama, and it doesn’t matter whether you elect Clinton, Trump or Sanders. We live under a monetary dictatorship run by large corporations and banks. They are our president, they are our law, and they are our god. Think about that as you go to the ballot box this year and ask yourself, “Am I really doing what’s right as an intelligent and informed citizen?”


    • We have to stand united in order to change America. The system is failing us all. No more Republican or Democrat. We are all American. That dichotomy is meant to keep up separate.
    • Small business is the answer. If you keep running for comfort to the husband that domestically abuses you, will he ever stop? Nope! So, if we continue to give our business to corporate powers and banks, then will they ever stop fleecing us? Nope! Choosing to spend money at small businesses is “open and shut logic.”

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