Feminine Attractiveness: Being “Natural” Doesn’t Matter

by S.A. Prince

Take a beautiful “natural” girl. You know the natural look, right? No makeup. No eye-liner, foundation, cream, eyelashes, or whatever the heck else women wear. The naturalist fanatics dare not use any chemical hair products except natural lubricants like coconut oil. Yeah, you know those women, and the men that champion their cause.

“Sweat pants, hair tied, chilling with no makeup on.”

Take that girl, the stereotypical natural girl and put her next to the stereotypical “fake” girl. Let’s say they both walk into your premiere local nightclub. More times than not, the natural beauty would be preferred to the fake “dolled up” girl. The only caveat in this visualization is that the all-natural girl is ugly, butt ugly, like Janet Reno, Rosie O’Donnell ugly. The man that champions natural beauty; who is he going to court? In all likelihood he’s bypassing the natural beauty, b-lining to the makeup fake face, and buying her a Long Island Ice Tea.

Same situation vice versa, if the makeup queen looks like Jocelyn Wildensteinthen, the guy is probably going pass. That is of course unless he has some sort of collagen fetish. Let me give you a quote from an writer who I’m choosing to keep anonymous:

[In regards to women who choose natural beauty, especially at the persuasion of their man.]

“You may be sure of appearing as good, safe, stay-at-home wife material, and he will have the utmost respect for you, as he would for a faithful cook, but he’ll not respect you for the one most important asset every woman who has the wherewithal to employ it—your looks! Vanity not only keeps a woman young, but it gives her something to live for, and if you get saddled to a man who stifles this basic female urge, yet ogles its effects in other women, he could well be knocking years off your life.”

The writer followed this up, saying, “When a man sees a makeup job that is blatantly and obviously makeup, he is automatically flattered, because he knows that the woman is trying to look sexy. Men like to see a sexy-looking woman and it pleases a man to think that a woman is knocking herself out trying to please him.”

Let me tell you this, ladies. Men don’t care about how “natural” you look, at least most of them don’t. The ones that do probably work for fashion magazines. As you long as you look sexy that’s all that matters to us. Remember, men are visual creatures. Just implement what is socially acceptable.

So ladies, go ahead and buy all of the fake eyelashes, wonder bras, weave and the hug-your-frame tank tops you want. We men could care less. Just look gorgeous (of course that could be wearing none of the above also). We’re all trying to sell somebody something anyways.


  • Of course many of the chemicals you put on your bodies are harmful to your health, but that’s not the conversation here. We are talking about attractiveness, but if you’re willing to sacrifice health (in most cases and with many makeups) for beauty that’s your prerogative.
  • What are the harmful effects of makeup? Check out this Huffington Post article.

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