Use the Law of the Forbidden to YOUR Advantage

by S.A. Prince

Today I want to touch on the Law of the Forbidden, and how you can use it to your advantage:

We are attracted to what we see. More so men than women, but the fact remains, visual stimulation conjures emotions from both sexes. The television emerged as a popular form of entertainment over the radio because it appealed to our eyes and ears, while the radio only appeals to the ears. Simply put, television is more fascinating than radio. It was new to see Vaudeville acts, instead of just hearing them. Even still, for television to be successful what we saw had to be captivating, and what could be more captivating than seeing what we aren’t supposed to see?

Take reality TV as an example. The first reality TV show that I watched was Flavor of Love on Vh1. After that it was I Love New York, and then I began to watch Real World and Road Rules. These shows were absolutely irresistible for me. I spent much of my young teenage years engulfed with its content. This is due to the Law of the Forbidden.

Never before had we been privy to the lives of other people. We were given access into other people’s daily drama, something we would rarely, if ever see in our day to day lives apart from the couple that blows up at each other on their date. After seeing something that taboo, what do you think happened next? We of course would talk about that couple until we were blue in the face.

What were they thinking? Do you think he hits her at home? Oh, he’s such a pig. I could never be with somebody like that. They need counseling. I’m going to pray for them.

It’s not that we’re bad people, it’s just that we’ve been captivated by the moment. It’s something real, but also something we also don’t pay to see. Imagine if you paid money to see a couple argue. That wouldn’t be captivating. It’s the spontaneity of the moment that adds to its taboo nature.

In our modern culture there isn’t much to wonder about. You pretty much get what you expect. And if you aren’t getting what you want out of life, it’s because you’re being what people expect.

Let’s look at this further. Many of today’s women dress scantily. The dresses are skin tight and yoga pants give even the most two-by-four of women shape. And yes, these are attractive to men, even if they won’t admit it.

But when a man sees you in such attire there’s nothing left to imagine, nothing but sex. So, it shouldn’t be to a scantily clad woman’s wonder that men who approach them are sex crazed or pervs. There is nothing forbidden. The only card left to play is sex.

Now, imagine we’re at the club where all the women are scantily attired. There’s hip-hop playing in the background. Let’s say it’s one of Future’s hit songs. You know the crowd. In walks a woman who is wearing a maxi-dress, or a woman that is in business attire.

Immediately, she will attract the attention of everyone in the club. Women will say, “What’s wrong with her? Why is she dressed like that? Or, what’s up with that girl?” Men will be captivated because she doesn’t fit the environment. She is operating within the forbidden. Wonder surrounds her.

Being scantily clad isn’t always negative. Same thing would happen if the aforementioned girls walked into a rural bar where the other women are dressed in jeans and Daisy Duke blouses.

What we aren’t used to seeing piques our interest. Try it out. If you’re a male that lives in the ghetto, go buy slacks, a tie, and a nice shirt. Wear them often. See the response you get. Test out the Law of The Forbidden in your environment, then venture elsewhere and try it. You’ll be surprised at what you find.


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