Reclaim YOUR Sovereignty: Brainwashed From Birth

by SA. Prince

From the time we’re born, we are forced to pick sides. We are born into subjectivity. You don’t get to pick your race. You don’t get to pick your economic status, or what region of the world you’re born in. Ironically, we’re judged of that which many of us don’t control.

There’s very little objectivity taught in the world. Objectivity is only found “if” one is able to break free of the shackles that are dogma. Adherence to dogma, any and all dogma including mysticism and statism, is severely short-sighted.

Pick a creation story, any creation story from any culture, and I’d be willing to wager that their creator only created man and woman, not man and woman of various cultures. Yet, here we exist in a world of many cultures, cultures of subjectivity. How many “cults” are we a part of?

Why are we loyal to a nation? In America we are taught to blindly be loyal to the state without any objectivity, regardless of what the state does. Why be loyal to the state at all? Government is not to be blindly trusted under any circumstances. The Founding Fathers, the people who’s vision laid America’s foundation, believed as much. Hence, they created a Bill of Rights to protect the people, because the INDIVIDUAL is the highest value, not the state.

Why are we loyal to religion? Remember the Crusades? How can anybody in their right mind be okay with its events? If somebody were to champion the events of the Crusades, we’d look at them with horror. But I ask you, is the War on Terror not another Crusades, but on a larger scale? Christian and Jewish bombs dropping on Islamic people, while the Islamic people conduct a campaign of guerrilla warfare on Jewish and Christian territories. Is that not a Crusades? And while I understand the need of people to defend themselves, when we get to the root of the problem we find dogma.

YOU KNOW what’s best for you, but religion and the state disagree. They TELL you what’s good for you. Every moment we refuse to be objective, we damn ourselves and violate the “Holy Spirit.” We sellout the only truth that “God” gave us, our free will.

Religion like the State is apathetic to the needs of people, to our individuality. These institutions are only concerned with land, power, and money. Both are obsessed with excess, and the trickle down effect is that WE are also obsessed with excess. And whatever brings you excess is what people deem as success.

Never forget, history’s tales are told by the victors. Victors attain power as a result of their victory. People in power want to keep their power. To keep power, you must subjugate those without it. To subjugate those without it, you must control what and how much they know. Remember this, and use it as a filter when you are taught religion and history from the institutions. Always seek the antithetical. What you need to know is what you’re NOT being told.

“Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience.” Howard Zinn


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