Why are YOU Getting Relationship Advice from Your Girlfriend?

by S.A. Prince

God forbid anybody you know gets sick, but let’s say that somebody close to you is sick. You and your family are devout Christians. Would you then go to an atheist and ask them how to pray in regards to your loved one’s sickness? Of course not.

So why do women ask their girlfriends for relationship advice? It’s literally the worst thing a woman can do for two reasons, the least of which is the fact that their girlfriend is probably not a therapist (neither am I), but even if their friend was a therapist, taking their counsel would be a conflict of interest.

Secondly, it’s going to be very difficult for a girlfriend to be objective. A girlfriend’s perspective will focus on the friend’s well-being, as oppose to an independent perspective that will focus on the relationship’s well-being.

Magazines are also a ridiculous place to go for relationship advice. Every time I walk through the line at the store there’s a magazine on the rack soliciting advice to female hopeless romantics, and most of the time these articles are written BY women. How absurd? These magazines are trying to make money. They’ll say whatever to gain your readership, but they won’t be there to pick up the pieces (OF YOUR BROKEN HEART) when their advice fails you.

When seeking advice about relationships, elicit the counsel of a sound male. This male must be OLDER than you. This male should also have a good relationship track record. Most importantly, this male and his relationship should exhibit qualities that you desire between you and your man.

Stop picking up the consumer magazines, and stop asking your girlfriends for advice. The best relationship advice you’ll get will come from a mature male.


  • This applies to both men and women. We just happen to notice it more with women. Be mindful when soliciting your friends for relationship advice. It is bias.
  • There are times where a woman’s advice CAN help. This woman cannot be your girlfriend though. She must be independent from the situation like a mentor, pastor, or a counselor.

2 thoughts on “Why are YOU Getting Relationship Advice from Your Girlfriend?”

  1. I believe in the right for people to express their opinions but this post is a little ridiculous. An older, mature male? I agree that maybe magazines are not the best places to find relationship advice. But I don’t think that an older male is the key to all the answers.

    1. Thanks for your comment Daryl. You could be right. For sure, no one person has all the answers. I believe an Older male, who has a good track record, meaning he has mentally and spiritually reached a certain level…I think he would give the best advice. That being said, there are lessons can be learned from all things.

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