Throw Out Your TV

by S.A. Prince

There’s probably one in your living room, basement, kitchen and/or bedroom. If you have kids, they probably have one in their room too. We sit in front of if everyday and lose ourselves in its content. There’s News, Sports, Sitcoms, and 24/7 access to all your veiled concupiscence. I’m talking about your TV.


You may want to consider throwing it out. Yeah, that sounds brash, but I’m not kidding. If you don’t want to throw it out, significantly cut back its usage. Here’s why:


First, television is an instrument of social conditioning. Propaganda and advertising work, even if you are aware of their manipulation. Images put forth by the media constructs the public’s perception, pervading a “reality,” a Matrix-like doctored reality.


Interesting things are packaged up into bundles we call “television programming” (emphasis on the “program”), and are offered to us in the convenience of our own home. The television has connected us to the outside world like never before, while simultaneously denying us the authentic social connection humans crave.


To the true sports fan it is significantly more rewarding to go to the game, as oppose to watching it on television. There’s something that’s loss within the broadcast. That something is the genuine human connection. It means something to be at the game and in the moment.


Bring Back That Loving Feeling.”


So, throw out your TV’s. Do it, because it will significantly increase the satisfaction you receive in other areas of your life, experiences that we take for granted.


Experiences like:

Getting out to visit your friends and family members. Grab some coffee or lunch.

Enjoy reading a book again.

Seeing a play, movie, concert, or ball game.

If you can’t get to the ball game, go watch it at a local bar or restaurant.

Inserting a daily walk, run, or jog. Hiking a trail. Riding a bike.


You’re probably thinking, but I can do all of this AND watch my television/Netflix/Hulu. That’s very true. You can do all of the above, and watch television too. But, by not watching television, or by significantly cutting back, you increase the amount of time you have to do the above activities.


Without television each of the above activities becomes more fulfilling., even though television offers you all of the above. You can even do choreographed walking and jogging programs on the television. However, when you indulge in television programming you rob yourself of the “genuine experience,” and over time lose appreciation for seeking the “genuine experience.” We don’t go to as many ball games, movies, or concerts that we once did, but undoubtedly, seeing each one of those in person is a better experience than watching it on TV.


I rest my case.



  1. My ideas here are based off the Law of Diminishing Returns, marginal utility, and opportunity costs. These are mathematical concepts. Boring right.
  2. If you want to learn about this boring concept, WATCH THIS.

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