Comedians, The Last Ones ‘Keeping It Real’

by S.A. Prince

I’m late on the Louis C.K. wave, but he is quickly becoming one of my favorite comedians. He’s a plump balding ginger, the picture-perfect disgruntled “middle-aged” white American male, and believe me, he plays that part audaciously well. With unweilding brouhaha, C.K. unceremoniously “throws shade” at taboo issues. It is incredibly refreshing.

In the pilot episode of his self-titled series Louie, Louis C.K. makes a cringing and appalling description of his own privilege. Here’s what C.K. said:

“I think a lot of people that think they’re good people are living a really evil life without thinking about it. And the–Here’s the thing. The whole premise of my life is evil. I’m white, my kids are white, which means they can’t really screw up too badly, ’cause they’ll get, like, a million chances. My life is really evil, like I–There are people who are starving in the world, and I drive an Infiniti. That’s really evil. There are people who would just starve to death. That’s all they ever did. There’s people who are born and they go, ‘Oh, I’m hungry,’ and then they just die. And that’s all they ever got to do. And meanwhile, I’m in my car, ‘Boom, boom, pow,’ like having a great time, and I sleep like a baby. It’s totally my fault ’cause I could trade my Infiniti for like a really good car, like a nice Ford Focus with no miles on it, and I’d get back like $20,000. And I could save hundreds of people from dying of starvation with that money, and every day I don’t do it. Every day I make them die with my car.”

What do you think? Is Louis accurate about his privilege, or is he overstating?


Watch Louie on Netflix.. 5 seasons are now streaming.

To watch Louis C.K.’s most recent work, Horace and Pete, CLICK HERE.



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