Nike Basketball Power Moves: The Signing of Brianna Stewart

by S.A. Prince

Nike sent a clear message to the athletic shoe industry today (click here to see what that message is: NSFW) by signing not only Brianna Stewart, but also four other top picks from the WNBA draft. Nike’s newest additions are:

Rachel Banham #MaroonMamba

Aerial Powers

Jonquel Jones

Tiffany Mitchell

With this move, Nike is investing in the future potential of the WNBA. By locking in the top WNBA draft picks now, Nike is looking to solidify their influence. This move could pay out dividends relatively soon, as women basketball stars transition into the WNBA better than the men stars into the NBA. There are far fewer busts in the WNBA, making the decision to sign five top picks easier on the Nike business end.

And…LeBron approves.

If Adidas and Under Armour want to get in on the WNBA action, they’ll have to catch the next boat. This one’s already left.

Keep your eyes open for Nike’s debutantes, as I am sure they won’t disappoint.


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