Try Out This New Smartphone Feature: Consenting to Sex

by S.A. Prince

About an hour ago in class, sexual assaults on college campuses was a topic of discussion. We talked about the Duke University lacrosse team’s case that was thrown out, because they found out that the victim had fabricated her story. More recently, at the University of Virginia a rape victim is under scrutiny, as there are discrepancies with her story. Before verifying this Rolling Stone ran a publication centering on this University of Virginia rape accusation, and as a result have also come under much scrutiny. They are now facing three lawsuits, one from the University of Virginia, and two from the accused fraternity.

Rape on college campuses is an increasingly discussed issue. There are people being raped, and there are also people making false accusations. I can’t speak for colleges, but I would imagine that the idea of getting any press due to a rape case, true or not, is highly unwanted as it wouldn’t bode well for their enrollment numbers. All sex needs to be consensual.

So, to further the cause of consensual sex on college campuses, I have come up with a proactive idea to help out the would-be accused.

There’s something we all have called a cell phone. Most of these cell phones have video cameras. We use them to Snapchat, Facetime, Instagram, Vine, and so on. You should also use these video cameras to confirm consensual sex.

Every time you get ready to have sex, record the both of you consenting to it. Then download the file to your computer and save it. Put it in its own folder. Name the folder something cool like…”Smile_Youre_On_Consenting_Camera.”

The benefits are obvious. By doing this you decrease the likelihood of being accused of rape. This will also give you a time-stamp, and the state-of-being of you and them will be clear, meaning it will be recognizable if you are in an alcoholic or drug induced state. All of this is evidence that can be presented to police and used in court.

Do yourself a favor and try camera consenting today! You can thank me later.


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