The Transgendered, Coming to a Bathroom Near You

by S.A. Prince

I was at Nick’s Place downtown having a veggie frittata last week. Prior to arriving I looked at their menu online, and they have this deal that says, “Eat the whole frittata in a half hour and you don’t have to pay for the meal.” Or it could have been an hour. I’m not really sure. Anyways, I was immediately sold. Food conquests in a previously determined amount of time are the type of gambles I’m willing to take. I get to satisfy my hunger, and feel fat and accomplished all at the same time.

End result, I crushed the frittata. #LightWork #ChildsPlay What can I say? I’m a growing boy.

Post meal, I’m relaxing and conversing with other patrons, and the nice server brings me more coffee. On the television was CNN, and on CNN the talent was discussing transgendered bathroom use. The entire diner got awkwardly quiet. So, I decided to break the ice and asked a patron, “You don’t really think they’ll let transgendered people use the bathrooms, do you?” For the next twenty minutes the entire diner was engulfed in taboo conversation.

Yeah…The entire country is up in arms arguing for and against transgendered bathroom use. The voices of those opposed has rung loudest thus far, and who could blame them? It is their right to have an opinion whether anyone likes it or not.

They have a problem with transgendered people using the bathroom of the gender they identify with, as oppose to the gender into which they were born.

Is that fair for them to feel this way?




Let’s look at how the government responded:

The North Carolina governor signed a bill that disallows transgendered people to use the bathroom they identify with.

In a staunch response, New York governor Andrew Cuomo blocked all non-essential travel to North Carolina. This of course only applies to public sector travel.

Tennessee withdrew their transgender “bathroom bill” regulating the use of bathrooms by those who self-identity with the “opposite” gender. Bill has been withdrawn until 2017. That’s when Tennessee will have enough “research” on the matter.

Where do you stand? Before you answer that though, let’s think about this objectively.

What are the reasons you don’t want a transgendered person, specifically mentioned most, a transgendered male using the women’s restroom?

The main discourse I’ve heard is that parents are concerned that men who identify with women may molest their daughters.

This legislation would open the door for pedophiles (or should I just say males, as we are socially conditioned to identify “pedophile” with a male figure) to have greater access to children. Legislation that allows transgendered people to use the bathrooms of which they self-identify WOULD open the door for pedophiles. Parents should be concerned.

That thought process is not complete though. There’s a lot we’re not considering.

First, women are also pedophiles. Pedophilia is not limited to the male race. Your daughter can be molested by a woman while using the women’s bathroom right now. Your son also can be molested by a male while using the men’s bathroom right now. Our concept of security as a culture is distorted.

Secondly, this thought process misrepresents transgendered people. Because they are different we pass judgment about their character, not knowing the content of their character, only the content of their gender identification. Every transgendered person is not a pedophile, just like every man or woman isn’t a pedophile. Thinking that they are, or are more likely to be pedophiles is passing an off-base and unfounded opinion.

I would rather people be honest. Say that transgendered people using the bathrooms of which they identify makes you feel uncomfortable, because it is outside of the realm of your experience. Things outside of our “comfort zone” challenge our psyche and often create fear instead of objective thought and understanding.

Third, it’s not the first time we’ve dealt with this “thought process” as a society.



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