Kentucky Dirt #LunchBreakPoetry

by S.A. Prince


It’s once again time for the three year olds

I remember those days,

Big yellow hats matching the ice cold lemonade,

“Put ten on Tee” the man said ahead of us,

The slow drawl screamed Bourbon country,

“Pat Day gon git it done,”

Pappy’s palms were sweaty but his look cocksure,

He was ready for the fallout that’s for sure,

Strut that stuff and kick up dust,

The motto down here: in hooves we trust,

They play for keeps,

The women, the money men, and the jockeys,

No place for a child,

Only for the foul,

The tobacco chewin’ and spit can spewin’,

All of us in a cistern rubbing shoulders,

Edge of the seat leaning forward,

Eye of the storm silence,

That’s the Derby.


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