Looking for Fun this Weekend? Try “Sex: The Game of Chance”

by S.A. Prince

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Disclaimer: Should be practiced by married couples

You’ve done the dishes, cleaned the house, and have prepared for the next day. The kids are in bed. All was quiet in the house. Not a creature was stirring. Not even a mouse. AND DEFINITELY NOT YOUR LOVE LIFE!

You look over to your wife, and you can see it in her eyes. She’s tired of the same ole’ Missionary. It’s routine. It’s blah. The very idea of sexual monotony is torture to her. It’s a Dream Deferred, and dries up her sensation creek like a raisin in the sun. But, that’s your Go-To position, Missionary. It never fails. Well, it never fails you at least.

Knowing what you’re thinking, she uninterestedly turns over and turns off the overhead lamp, her back toward you. There still may be hope yet though, so you snuggle up close to her. You whisper, “Baby, Mr. Snuffleupagus would like to visit Sesame Street.”


Still holding onto hope, you reach around her body attempting to disrobe her. And there it is. She finally acknowledges you, but not in the way you were hoping. She smacks your attempt away with the “ice cold” Hand of REJECTION, while whispering “Not tonight baby,” for the sixth night in a row. Frustrated and dejected you roll over, your back toward hers. Another lackluster night. It’s easier to find Waldo than it is your love life.

Don’t Let This Happen To You! Try out this spontaneous love game.

What You Need:

  • A Coin
  • A Die or Dice
  • Willingness and Ability

It’s best to start out with some sort of agreement. You all will play the game once a day. You’ll play the game a max of twice a week, one where the husband can initiates it, and another time where the wife can initiate it. Or, you can choose to play once a week.

First you FLIP the coin: This is to see whether or not you’ll be having sex. If it is Tails, you have sex. If it is Heads, you don’t have sex. The catch is that even if you don’t have sex, you have to still do an activity together. That could be snuggling. It could be taking a walk and holding hands. You choose, but the choices are between sex and an activity.

Why? Sex is not the only way to be together. The point of the game is to encourage and reinforce togetherness and relationship. This isn’t a Date Night. Let’s not get it confused with that. This is opening yourself up to finding many more ways to enjoy one another, outside of just sex, and putting those into action.

Second you ROLL the die: If you’ve flipped the coin, and it comes up TAILS, then you get to roll the die. You’ll roll the die twice (at least).

  • The first roll of the die determines how many positions you will perform during sex.
  • The second roll of the die determines what positions will be performed and their order.
    • You choose six of your favorite positions, and coincide them with one of the six numbers on the die. Whichever of those numbers comes up when you roll the die, you do that position first, and so on and so forth with the remaining positions determined on your first roll.

Here’s an example:

We roll the first die and it comes up with the number two. For this sex session, we will do two positions.

We roll the second die and it comes up three. We roll it again (for the second position) and it comes up one.

We have predetermined that our six favorite positions are: Doggystyle, Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, The Statue of Liberty, and the Waterfall.

So, for this sex session we will do the Cowgirl and Doggystyle.

Have fun with this. Make the game your own. Add time limits to the positions, or other quirks that you and your husband/wife enjoy. This game is not just for those who are looking to “spice things up.” Even if you and your husband/wife have an incredible sex life, try it! Enjoy!


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