Should Gun Education Be Taught in Schools?

by S.A. Prince

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There’s much controversy surrounding the issue of gun control, and I get it. People are scared. Like a child fears the Boogeyman, we also fear a an objective and pertinent conversation on the subject. We will be forced to stare into the mirror at an issue, and may not like what’s staring back. Still,  it’s perplexing that with all of these educated teachers, philosophers, and politicians that most fail to look at the subject of gun control objectively, whether they are arguing for it or against it.

Yes, people should be allowed to own guns. I want to get that out of the way immediately. I don’t want to lead you on, or make you guess. I’m not going to quote any stats for you, or give you some expert’s opinion. We must look into our own heart and find the answers we need.

Question: Does a man have a right to defend himself? Does a man have the right to choose how he will defend himself?

In case you were wondering the answer to both of those questions is yes. Self-defense is a God-given right. Who has the right to choose how a person protects themselves, other than that person themselves? Do YOU have that right, and if you do then are you better than God, or the universe, or moral law, or whatever you believe in?

That does not mean that I am saying that people have the right to go out and seek retribution with their weapon. There does need to be order, hence the ONLY role of the government is to police that order. The government does not have a role in determining how a person protects their home and their family. And YOU, those who vehemently argue against the ownership of weapons, hoping to make us like Australia or like countries also do not have the right. YOU do not have the right to tell somebody how to protect themselves. If that weapon is used in a manner other then self-preservation or legalized sport, then that is a VIOLATION of another’s right, and then YOU, YOU being the government, has the right to seek retribution on behalf of the victimized.

Have you ever heard a 911 phone call where a person was being attacked in their home? Probably not. They’re public record though. Let’s be honest. you would probably shield yourself from such things. I was in the same boat, but one night my friend sat me down and had me listen to one. ONE WAS ENOUGH. It’s disturbing.

Where were the police? They were on the phone. They often cannot respond in a timely fashion to save a life. It’s high improbable, and I don’t need stats to prove it. Just look at the numbers. There are roughly 35,000 cops in New York City. New York City has around 8.4 million residents. Adequate response is literally a farce.

This brings me to my main point. Should gun education be taught in school? Yes it should. It should be taught in school, in church, and at the community centers. Gun education is as important as sex education, but you won’t hear people argue that. We constantly try to smack children on the hand, condemning the very thought of handling a weapon. Stay away from guns. Don’t learn about weapons. Hear no evil, see no evil, and we suffer as a result.

We all claim to understand the idea forbidden fruit, but somehow think it applies to every area of life except with weapons. Are there any parents out there? What happens when you tell your child to stop doing something? They do it more, right? They know it’s something taboo and that attracts them to it. Now, common sense would come upon you I hope, and you would understand that I am not advocating for you to allow your child to do something which may hurt them. I advocate an assertive conversation demystifying the subject matter, and the conversation needs to happen early, before a child becomes sexually active or begins to get interested with guns.

A question I’ve gotten on this suggestion is, if we do gun education in our schools, then wouldn’t that cause more gun violence? My answer to that is no. What do you think gun education would be, pulling out a gun and showing a child how to load and aim it an hour every week? That’s foolishness. By educating children about guns, you also have to educate them on the value of a life, gun violence, what it means to use a gun, what it means when somebody dies at the hands of a gun, what are its uses, and a host of other pertinent questions that need to be answered.

This is especially important in the black community. More than any other community in America, densely populated black neighborhoods should own guns be pro-gun  and gun educated. Let me explain. Violence is a HUGE part of American culture. Guns are going to be an interest for children, whether you want it to be or not. So, as a parent you have a choice. You can either teach you black child about guns, or you can let them learn about guns from an ignorant, pants sagging gangster who cares nothing about human life.

Maybe you didn’t get that. If you don’t educate you children about guns BLACK PEOPLE, they will go learn about guns from those ignorant, pants-sagging gangster who care nothing about human life.

Gun education will cut down on black on black gun violence, because it will help young children learn about the value of a life with the support of their parents. Guns will no longer be taboo.

Those who argue for gun control do so from a good place. I get it. You just want to wipe all the guns off the face of the planet, so we go back to killing one another with swords. Seriously though, you see the problem with violence, and you want to do something about it. That is an admirable endeavor. I’m not against your way of thinking, but I cannot agree with the manner in which you would like to make the change. It is misguided. Taking away the gun will not solve the underlying issue of violent behavior. We must educate our future generations on guns, while addressing violence and the value of life. That is the only road to peace.


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