When a man loves a woman. What does it look like?

by S.A. Prince, SAGPrince@aol.com

Yesterday I talked about the illegitimacy rate being over 70% among blacks. Here’s the illegitimacy rates for other cultures in America:

Native Americans- 66%

Hispanics- 53%

Whites- 29%

Asians- 17%

(Rounded numbers from CDC 2012 report PDF)

That’s roughly around 41% nationwide. The family is under attack. That should be obvious at this point. We’ve created a society where the family is no longer valued, and as a result the foundation of this nation is crumbling around us. Many men have opted out of love and this opting out will be the ruin of us.

I can’t blame the men though. It has gotten hard to lead a family in America. The financial base is eroding, and as a result of this men have less access to resources to be able to take care of a family. And, the men who do decide to get married and have children can be divorced and taken to the cleaners any time by their disgruntled wife. It’s hard to convince a man to marry when he hears endless horror stories from men that have married. Daddy government is always in the background lurking, waiting for the day that your loved one leaves you (69% of divorces are initiated by women) so they can take your place as provider and protector.

I find it interesting when I hear women say “There are no GOOD men!” That’s not the case. The good men are opting out of relationships and marriage. I have about a dozen close friends who are successful and have no intention of ever marrying because of the possible ramifications of doing so. The end result is that women, good and bad, are left to pick from the “undesirables.” The undesirables are the thug, the simpleton, the womanizer. I hope you knew that already though.

None of the aforementioned men have anything to offer, but they’re the ones offering themselves to most women. This is an issue. There’s a void of men who build and radiate masculinity, the type of masculinity that will restore the family to what it needs to be.

What is it when a man loves a woman? What is it when a man doesn’t love a woman?

When a man loves a woman, he builds a home for her, a place where she can have and raise the next generation in peace and security. When a man loves a woman, he gives his all for her. When a man loves a woman, he will kill you to protect her. When a man loves a woman, he will work his fingers to the bone to provide for her. When a man loves a woman, he won’t put her in compromising position. When a man loves a woman, he wants to let that love be known to the whole world. When a man loves a woman, all he does is talk about her all day. When a man loves a woman, he can’t stop staring at her like he’s just seeing her for the first time.

But, what’s the benefit of loving a woman if she doesn’t know how to be loved, if she doesn’t know how to be a woman, if she emasculates the idea of masculinity? What’s the point of loving? What’s the point of protecting the woman? What’s the point of building a safe haven for her? Just because?

And therein lies the most prominent problem we are facing as a culture. Men no longer love women, because women are no longer women, and even worse, woman don’t know how to be women. When there is no societal separation in what constitutes being a “man” and a “woman,” then how can one come to love and appreciate the other?


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