The Response to Tragedy: Those Who Care vs. Those Who Talk

by S.A. Prince

Have you ever:

Changed your profile picture to BLACK. Worn a black hoodie. Put a rainbow or French translucent layer over your profile picture?

The above are just some of the things that many people do to express themselves after a tragic event occurs. We claim that this is in done support of those lost. But maybe, just maybe if we searched our own souls most of us would find that this is done for self, to feel good on the inside, instead of in support of anything.

There’s a difference between those that care and those that talk. Those that talk change their profile picture and post a status about it. Let me not beat up on the Talkers too much though. I get why they’re doing that, even though these are generally done after prompts, either by Facebook or an outside influence. It’s a way to express their feelings without having to get deeply involved. Anybody can help. Just change your profile picture to (blah).

Do you honestly think that helps though? Do the victims of Orlando, or Paris, or Beirut, or any victims need that kind of help, your status updated in support of them? Those of you who are seething with me right now, you’re right. “At least they are doing something,” but if by something we’re referring to anything, then does it matter?

If you want to help the victims, help their families. Get your hands dirty. Do something that costs you something more than a changed profile picture and status update. Don’t let yourself off the hook that easy. Write them a letter. Send them some money. Send a gift card. Cook them a meal. Bake some cookies. Send a Care Package. Create a GoFundMe. Do something, but just don’t do anything.

Be Phenomenal!


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