My Fellow Human Beings, It Is Impossible To NOT “Play God”

Playing God.

Do you understand what I mean by “playing God?” Playing God is when you make a decision to do something that should be left for God to decide, things that are or rather should be outside of the influence of man.

It is something that we are advised against doing. Growing up in church I was urged to let God be God, and you, well you just be his servant. Follow God’s lead. Don’t get ahead of God, because if God’s not leading then you’re outside of God’s Will.

I can’t agree with that viewpoint, not because I am looking to disrespect God, but because I am ever increasing my understanding of our existence.

I know you’re livid, but bare with me. Telling somebody to not play God is encouraging them to be irresponsible. You aren’t helping anybody by doing that. We wake up and we play God every single day. We play God with every choice we make. It is literally IMPOSSIBLE to not play God.

If you get up and buy clothes made in countries that use cheap labor, guess what? You are playing God. You are strengthening a system that makes an outrageous profit at the expense of their employees and Mother Earth. On the contrary, if you buy American made products you are also playing God, weakening the cheap labor system and supporting another.

If you eat meat you are playing God. You are okaying the killing of innocent animals. You are sentencing them to death. YOU THINK YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO THAT, TO MAKE ANOTHER FEEL PAIN FOR YOUR BENEFIT? You may not have the “right” to do that, but we certainly make the choice to do it. We are playing God.

When you lay down to create a life you play God. God creates. Never thought about it that way, huh? Well, consider this also. If you have an abortion you are playing God. If you give your child up for adoption you are playing God. If you bring that child into a situation that’s not healthy you are playing God, just like when you pull a trigger and the person on the other end of the barrel dies as a result, you are playing God.

If you decide to sit in your room and separate yourself from society you are playing God. If you decide to go out into the world and develop relationships you are playing God. There is no escape. We cannot hide from this truth. We ARE NOT GOD, but we certainly cannot escape from playing God. You have a responsibility to face that truth instead of running from your decisions, because not making a decision is still making a decision.

Have a blessed Sunday readers.


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