Upstate NY Native Real Faisoul Uses Hip-Hop to Spread a Positive Message (Rare)

At times we are a walking contradiction, a dichotomy wading between fact and fiction. Are we truly doing what we desire in our hearts or are we following the crowd?  For instance, if you’re around people that eat, drink and sleep basketball then you will likely do the same, regardless of whether that is what you truly desire. Environment has a large influence on who and what we become. Likewise, if you hang around people who do nothing but smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol then in all likelihood you too will join the ranks of the nicotine addicted and liver afflicted. We tend to gravitate toward the influences of our environment. This is especially when we are insecure from within. This insecurity is something we must ward off by firmly planting ourselves into rich and positive soil, full of nutrients and the “good stuff” of life.

In Real Faisoul’s “Found A Way,” Faisoul uses the medium of music to send a message that encourages youth to become deeply rooted in positivity, becoming their environment’s influencer as oppose to the influenced. Typically the most impressionable of all social groups, Faisoul caters his music to captivating the youths’ ears first, their mind second, and eventually their soul. Faisoul asks that you reflect with him as he takes you down a rabbit hole in “Found A Way.” Check out “Found A Way” at the link below, and be sure to subscribe and view Real Faisoul’s other projects.

CLICK HERE: “Found A Way” by Real Faisoul 


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