Embracing Your Inner “40 Year Old Virgin”

by S.A. Prince

Do you remember the “40 Year Old Virgin,” the movie where Hollywood funnyman Steve Carrel portrayed Andy, a middle-aged customer service associate? If you didn’t that’s okay. As the title implies, yes, Andy was a 40 year old virgin. Over the course of what was essentially half his life, he hadn’t ever “knocked the boots.” Sad isn’t it?

if you die a virgin

Andy had already appeared weird to his coworkers, but this revelation truly set him apart. No wonder Andy, who was presumably socially inept, carried himself with a childlike demeanor and happiness, often absorbed with things like action figurines and games. What kind of woman would want him? At this rate he would never venture into the valley of nectar. This was unacceptable to his coworkers and he was ridiculed and ostracized as a result.

Andy knew it was unacceptable too. During the poker scene where his coworkers found out he was a virgin, Andy who was afraid of being shunned fabricated a sex story. None of them believed him! His coworkers called him out, and that absolutely and utterly crushed him.  That moment began Andy’s journey along the path to losing his virginity.

But did Andy really need to change?

No, Andy could have remained a virgin forever. He could have maintained his blissful innocence, and lived out his days playing with action figures. Of course, this is an extreme case (I wouldn’t encourage anybody to be a lifetime virgin), but Andy’s inner battle is one that we all face.

There is something that you love to do, and in a sense it defines you. I don’t know what, but maybe it’s a dream or another thing that you desire. There will be people whom attempt to ostracize you for doing or being what you love. They want you to be like THEM, because that will make THEM feel comfortable.steve carell

Don’t be like Andy. Resist these people. Have the courage to walk along the road less traveled. I think you’ll be happy you did. Embrace your inner “40 Year Old Virgin.”



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