Like Weed? Good, Keep it to Yourself!

So, you like marijuana. Well, you don’t say? That’s good for you!

Ever so increasingly the general populace is getting re-hip to marijuana and the benefits associated with it. It seems that Bob Marley and the Jamaican Rastafarians were actual onto something (who’d have thought?). Without a doubt, within in the next decade we can expect to see decriminalization across the country. Don’t light that spliff up yet though.weed article

There’s still a hurdle to cross. You don’t see a problem with weed (can I just call it weed now; marijuana takes so long to write), hippies definitely don’t have an issue with weed (you ever been to a Phish show?), heck, any level-headed person who’s studied up on drug abuse in relation to decriminalization doesn’t have a problem with weed.

Still, image is everything, especially to businesses that are hiring. The businesses that you want to be hired by after college graduation, the Fortune 500s, the Wall Street firms, and pretty much any business that’s in the public eye, to those businesses image has a direct effect on their bottom line. Hence, why so many businesses practice “Corporate Responsibility.” The people in hiring positions are typically Caucasian traditionalists who are in between the ages of 50 to 60. They are the people that still call marijuana, “dope.”

These traditionalist won’t be around forever, but while they are, and if you want to be hired by them, then you at least have to look that part. THAT MEANS YOU NEED TO REMOVE ANY PICTURES OR VIDEO OF YOU SMOKING WEED FROM SOCIAL MEDIA. Keep it to yourself. Unless you are going into business for yourself, then you need to distance yourself from that imagery. Or, just don’t partake in it at all.

You would think that’s common sense, but it isn’t. Just look the part and get the job. Let everyone else champion the cause of marijuana at their own expense. When you work up the ladder and into a hiring position, then you can make a difference. Until then…hush. I promise you this, the weed community won’t miss your support.


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