Cops Killing Blacks: A Socially Conditioned Narrative Spiraling Out Of Control #BlackLivesMatter

by S.A. Prince

Stop watching the news. Yes, it is good to be informed and to care about your fellow man, but if you cannot emotionally detach from what the news is showing, then it isn’t doing you any good. For most people the news is paralyzing. It elicits an emotional reaction, but doesn’t empower the viewer to do anything about what they’re taking in. This is because change occurs when groups of people come together, but the news does not bring people together, rather it speaks to them individually.

Now, as a broadcast journalism major, I learned two important purposes of the news: To inform the citizenry because they have the “right to know,” and to create a free and open marketplace for ideas. Thank you Professor Saiz.

Most news outlets are doing a terrible job of this, opting to produce lukewarm news that satiates its investors, while at the same time delivering news in a toxic context that’ll drive ratings. These ratings whores have no problem manipulating the masses whom are led by their basic instincts and whims.

The news produces a chronic rager, the poor soul hanging onto every word he hears, never realizing that he is only being fed problems, instead of solutions. He is a ticking time bomb whose only solace is to lay his troubles at the feet of a new puppet every four years, hoping that this puppet will be better dancer than the last. The new puppet never quite makes him happy though, and because of this he blames the puppet and not the puppeteer, or better yet, the play attendee. The news watcher is a willing doormat, until he is not, opting instead to become a rioter, a separatists, or a terrorist, all merely a fly in the face of the puppeteer. This fly will eventually realize, as all flies do, that they are insignificant, a nominal distraction, and that fly will revert back into a doormat. This is the curse levied upon the news watcher, a curse of extremism, to see that they never, ever, come up with an applicable solution.

So, stop watching the news, because they are failing you miserably. They will never provide you with real actionable solutions. Their money is made on advertising dollars, which are influenced by ratings, which are unfortunately driven by drama. No drama, no money.

Let’s take the killing of blacks by police officers as an example. Videos of blacks being killed by police has the black community up in arms. Hence, #BlackLivesMatter. As a result, protests and riots have ensued. There have even people shooting at, and even in some cases killing police. DO remember what I said about the chronic news watcher, and understand that the ensued response to the police shootings is fly-like behavior.

While racial prejudice most certainly does exists and does influence policing, we cannot prove just how much prejudice influences policing, because unless the prejudice act is an illegal act, then we have no way of knowing about it. Racial prejudice cannot be legislated.

The narrative while somewhat true is presented out of context by the media. While I don’t have numbers to support this, I’d say that likelihood of a black person being shot by a police officer during a traffic stop is minuscule, however, the way the news presents the narrative makes it appear as though blacks are being slaughtered.

Here’s what you have to realize. Any video taken of a police shooting a black person will be sent to media outlets. Every single video, every time it is received, will be shown. That alone should help you understand the skewed rate at which we are shown videos of cops killing blacks versus cops killing whites. What, do white people not own phones? Of course they do, and of course they are sending in video of cops killing whites to media outlets, even if that’s just in response to the exorbitant number of videos shown where cops kill blacks.

Let’s look at this logically. I’m completely estimating here, but let’s assume that 100K Americans are pulled over by police nationwide each week. Of these 100K, ten are killed each week by police. Of these ten that are killed by police, six are white, one is Asian, one is Latin, and two are black. If all ten of those killings are videotaped, you’ll definitely see the two altercations involving blacks, and maybe one of the other ones.

It is literally inconceivable that you’ll be killed by a police officer while being stopped, but somehow the media has every black person fearing that it might happen to them. If that’s not social conditioning, then I don’t know what is.

The media is making it very difficult for white and black Americans to discuss and reach a common understanding of what’s going on. Whites feel like they’re being misrepresented, a scapegoat of the cops killing blacks narrative. That is mostly true, but in their insensitivity and subjectivity lies the hidden hand of racism. Their collective response does nothing to bridge the gap on racial relations in this country.

Blacks feel like their voices aren’t being heard, and that too is mostly true as protests are seen as a nuisance. Your message won’t be received if the person you’re trying to talk to feels you’re annoying. Blacks aren’t respected as a group, because as a group they have no economic viability or power. Why listen to the powerless if you don’t have to? Racial prejudice is simply a symptom of the actual problem, no independent economic infrastructure.

That’s just one example of social conditioning via the news. So, if you cannot emotionally detached yourself from its subject matter, then don’t watch the news. It will only condition you. But, not watching the news is a problem, isn’t it? Many people get their news from social media, as oppose to television, radio, and newspaper. You can turn those off or put those down. There’s no escaping from news in the notification cesspool known as social media. So, now what?


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