The Only Christian that Supports Trump/Clinton is a FAKE one!

Are we Christian (or spiritually enlightened), or are we just making this religion thing up as we go along, because the majority of the US is Christian, but the same majority also supports two presidential candidates who do not exhibit or even remotely adhere to Christian principles. It would seem to me that our religion is instead POWER, and Christianity is a satiation of our fears of what lies beyond the grave, as oppose to a walk of love, faith and works.

“Grab her by the pussy!” Can you envision that, this hand reaching for a woman reproductive space without hesitation or permission, forcibly shoving itself into the vaginal canal, and impetuously clutching part of the uterus? Not a pretty thing to think about is it? Well, the Republican presidential nominee said exactly that, and the epiphany of such ardent misogyny is better than any copious amount of damming political ads that the Democrat party could release. You’d think that Republican presidential nominee’s bid for the Oval Office was condemned the moment that misogynistic sound was released this week.

You’d think…

Fortunately for him, Trump’s voting base is still behind him in full force, even if Republican Party members are retracting their support of him in an Exodus-like manner. Conservative media faces like Toni Lahren have somehow found a way to justify Trump’s use of degrading and vitriolic language, terse verbiage that leaves you with a clear visual of a non-consensual sexual act being performed on a woman.

Interestingly, many who are justifying Trump’s foolhardy behavior are likely the same people who are dead-set against gender-neutral bathrooms. How insane is it that we have a presidential nominee jokingly glorifying the act of sexual assault, and people still stand behind him, many of them Christian? All the while, the transgendered community is attached to the stigma that their ranks are filled with sexual offenders, and the mere insinuation of gender-neutral bathrooms has those same Trump campaign supporters up in arms. We heard these people say, “I don’t want a rapist using the bathroom with my child,” even though there’s no evidence supporting the claim that transgendered people are more likely to sexually assault a person than any other group. However, there is clear evidence that the potential next president condones sexual assault, or at the least thinks of it as a joke.

Since the second presidential debate in St. Louis occurred on October 9th, multiple women have come “out of the woodworks” with allegations of sexual misconduct in addition to Donald Trump’s lewd comments. One writer from People’s magazine said that Trump “We walked into that room alone, and Trump shut the door behind us. I turned around, and within seconds he was pushing me against the wall and forcing his tongue down my throat.”

Now, we don’t know if that’s true or not, but here’s what we can take from it all. If Bill Cosby’s reputation (a famous comedian who allegedly drugged and raped women, and as a result fell out of favor with the Court of Public Opinion) cannot be repaired, then neither should Donald Trump’s, yet somehow he is still in the running to sit in the highest office of this country.

That is not an endorsement for Hillary Clinton however. She’s just as bad. Remember Hurricane Matthew that ripped through Haiti last week, killing at least 400 Haitians last I checked? After the earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010, $ 13 billion was put together to rebuild Haiti’s infrastructure, an infrastructure that could have helped to somewhat protect the people from future acts of God. This money was essentially wasted by the former president and first lady, and Haiti was left in shambles. How many more Haitians will die in the upcoming years because of Clinton Foundation’s frivolous behavior?

Now, how can any Christian get behind either one of these candidates? Why have we accepted these two candidates as inevitable? The belief that any mainstream political party or their candidates has your best interest at heart is asinine. How gullible are you to believe that two rich families, who are friends with one another, are fighting for our benefit? I’m not picking the lesser of two evils, and neither should you. If you as a Christian (or as a spiritual person in general) can get behind one of these candidates, then you are betraying basic moral principles.


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