The Next Time Somebody Calls You Selfish, Refer to This

by S.A. Prince

Nobody wants to be called SELFISH. It’s a shot against your character that’s oft loosely thrown by ignoramuses who are chattel to their every whim and sentiment. While stuck in the vacuum of barbarism that operates solely off of pain and pleasure, these people are babes still sucking on the teat, never growing, never becoming aware of their own existence and importance in the whole of society. Still, these socially undeveloped beings are our contemporaries, and if you aren’t wearing the proverbial “Armor of God,” then their fiery darts of “selfish” will have you doubting your choices.

First, is selfishness bad? I would flip that question to the inquirer. Is giving good? The quick answer is no. We need look no further than the system of Corporate Responsibility, or Corporate Phallus as I like to refer to it.

Here’s the model: Company X goes to Africa in an effort to win popular points by giving food, vaccines, and building infrastructure, because who doesn’t get teary eyed when we see the big watery eyes of a suffering third-world child? Meanwhile in Asia, Company X has moved its production there to escape higher wages and regulation. They pay these people dimes on the dollar. Not quite slavery, right? Better yet, Company X doesn’t even have to leave the country. They can just make a deal with a private prison or with the state to have their products manufactured by inmates for pennies on the dollar, saving even more money because they don’t have to ship it overseas, not like our country’s tariffs are that exorbitant anyways though.

And that Corporate Responsibility, that giving is seen as good by many of us. We’re blinded by their propaganda, their sappy commercials and calls to action. But, with vehement ardor I note that this “giving” is not good at all, and likewise that selfishness is not bad.

There’s a thick line between selfishness and narcissism. If you go through your day only thinking of yourself, and no situation and no person can move your heart to engage in an act of love, then yeah, you probably want to do some spiritual introspection. That being said, there’s absolutely nothing with being selfish.

It is our selfish desires that motivate us. Interestingly, there is a negative connotation attached to the word. Rejoice when somebody calls you selfish, because we all are. The ignoramuses that call you selfish don’t realize that they prove this in the very act of hurling that “seemingly” defamatory term at you.

Selfishness refers to a value system based on happiness. When somebody calls you selfish because you don’t do something they suggest, then their perceived value of your behavioral choice is less than the actual value they’ve placed on the opportunity cost, you choosing to do what they’ve suggested. Furthermore, they are attempting to coerce you through guilt to devalue your behavioral choice in favor of theirs.

In most cases this is pure manipulation. You are not required to make your desires of lesser personal value. We have moral discourse about selfishness when it is not a moral issue, but rather a motivational one. As long as your selfish behavior does not contain an act of force or violence against another being, then it is not immoral. Robbing somebody is an immoral act. Not giving money to the street beggar, while it may not be nice, is not immoral.

When you make a decision to do something that makes you happy, and somebody calls you selfish, what they are saying is that YOU SHOULD BE MORE CONCERNED WITH MAKES THEM HAPPY. They are literally suggesting that their happiness is more important than you own. Now, who’s really being selfish?

Happy Holidays Peeps.

*Painting Credits:"Selfish Man" by Molood Mazaheri

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