A Message to Indifferent White America: ‘Get in the Game’

by S.A Prince

White America’s indifference to the Black plight is conditioned by the systemic oppression effecting us all. It has put a wedge between White and Black America (This oppression is driven by economics…a conversation for another day).

The thought process of indifferent White America: I have to keep what I have. I’m struggling to survive. I have enough problems as it is.

That same structure is also radicalizing Whites and Blacks, allowing them to take a position where they can spew hate, fight, and riot. The entirety of White and Black America should not be judged by the actions of nonsensical radicals, but they are the loudest in the room.

Whether Blacks are protesting systemic racism, police brutality, or inequitable treatment, the reaction is the same. All these people do is complain.

The Alt Right (Not to be confused with being a White Supremacy group) is striking back and are now speaking about White plight (and whether you agree with “White Plight” or not, their concerns should be heard). Black America (As a whole) and the Alt Right are butting heads. Both groups are yelling. None are listening.

All the while, the government is neglecting both sides. This is why the Alt Right and Black America are radicalizing. A productive conversation isn’t happening.


Black America…

your interests are of no interest to indifferent White America. With few exceptions, none of them are going to stand with you on any issue that requires effort.

In my experience, very few Whites are actually malicious toward Blacks (including the Alt Right). Most are simply Armchair Quarterbacks for unity. They will say we should be unified, we should stand together, we should not let the narrative put a wedge between us, and then two sentences later they’ll say, pick yourselves up by your bootstraps. Or… they won’t speak out against groups that are clearly delivering a message of hate.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the point of unity is helping one another. It means you stand for us and we stand for you, you fight for us and we fight for you.

The rhetoric is not matching the behavior.

I get it indifferent White America. You’re good people who just want to live and be happy. You’re just trying to survive like everyone else. You don’t want to oppress others. You just want to be hands off. You aren’t going to bother speaking on behalf of the Black plight. It isn’t that it doesn’t matter to you. It just isn’t a priority.

But, it should be a priority. The unfortunate thing is White America…you are also the victim of systematic oppression. But, because you aren’t on the bottom of the totem pole, you don’t see it. Your indifference is hurting us all.

Indifferent White America, we need you to get into the game. While Black America and the Alt Right are at each other’s throats, you’re sitting on the sidelines, and the people at the top of the totem pole keep getting richer and richer.

Get off your butts and help Black America and the Alt Right. I have yet to see anybody try to facilitate a productive conversation between angry Whites and disenfranchised Blacks. Until that conversation happens…until we can relate to one another…the radicalization of groups that feel slighted will continue until a Race War breaks out.



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