The One Political Issue That’ll Blow The Doors Off The Status Quo

by S.A. Prince

Photo by Lucien Frued

You are in control. Each and every individual is a means to an end in themselves. We are naturally selfish creatures. You cannot live for anybody else. You heart can’t beat for another person. Your heart beats for you and only you.

It is this natural selfishness and individuality that makes us great. Our uniqueness is vital to our existence, and within it is our very being. It is our greatest strength, but it is also our greatest weakness.

Our individuality, which is something I would credit to the development our neo-cortex, is at odds with our animalistic and instinctual affinity to be a part of a pack.

Stay with me reader. Yes, I am talking to you who has the attention span of a goldfish. We are almost there. I’m trying to teach you how to swim with Jaws and not get your fin bit off.

Now, if you didn’t know, emotions hinders the mental process. Emotions unhinge a normally sane person and leads “Them” to act impulsively.

This is why individuals are easily rustled like cattle around things that make them emotional. When we give into our base emotions, we revert back to our animalistic and instinctual affinity to be a part of a pack. This is how mobs are formed.

Mobs are easily influenced and guided, just like cattle are herded to slaughter.

Instead of seeing Neo-Nazis, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, White Supremacists, or any of these other raucous groups as people, see them as they are. CATTLE going to the slaughter.

It’s quintessential the human race transcends beyond base animalistic desire which leads to the dead end reality of the bloodthirsty mob. We sell ourselves short reaching for the low hanging fruit of Robespierre.

Going beyond requires us to trade in animalistic emotion for passion. There are only Dreams Deferred at the end of shortsighted emotion (and all emotion is shortsighted), and as Hughes says in his iconic poem, this emotion “festers like a sore – and then runs.”

Once we trade in our emotions, we can then find our aggregate passion as a (human) race. The unity that we find, when combined with the unique creativity and higher thought that comes from the neo-cortex, will point us in the right direction.

That direction?

The one political issue that will shift the status quo.

Shifting the status quo doesn’t take that much or that many people. Think about the small groups that have made enormous shifts in the status quo, America’s Founding Fathers to name one.

That’s what the controllers of this country are afraid of. They are afraid of the resurrection of the Founding Father spirit. They’ll do anything to stamp out that fire before it can be stoked. Look at the consumer culture we live in. You think that’s by mistake? No, that’s a part of a plan to quench the passion necessary to shift the status quo.

The more you consume, the fatter and weaker your spirit gets. We are truly living in a WALL-E world.

It doesn’t really matter what we get behind. It does, but it doesn’t. What matters is that we get behind it. We need an enemy cause…like yesterday. What can we all get commit to making our biggest enemy?

Americans, we don’t need a victory on a hundred fronts. All we need is a victory on one. I’m talking about a full scale frontal political assault.

That one victory put a chink in the armor of the power structure. Once we put one chink in the armor, we’ll know we can do it again, and again, and again until we hit flesh.

Of course, it’s easier said than done. You’d better believe that the minute we unite, they will do all they can to divide us.

But heh….we have to at least unite first.

So what is it? What is the one thing we can all unite and put our passion behind?


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